Monday, June 10, 2013

Milani Naturally Chic Lipstick Review

Hello glamnistas! Today, I am going to review Milani Naturally Chic lipstick!

It comes in a gold tube and tastes a bit like bubblegum...yum! Also, this lipstick is so natural looking, perfect for work and interviewing. The color is a reddish, mauve color, like the color of naturally red lips but better! It feels a little silky and moisturizing yet also doesn't seem to feather, fortunately. 

I *ADORE* bright lipstick, but sometimes, you just gotta go more natural and subtle to reflect the appropriate style that you're going for and venue. Milani lipsticks are excellent, comparable to MAC in quality, have yummy tastes, good quality, and are definitely decently lasting on your lips.
Last but not least, they are cruelty-free! Horray!! You can find them at CVS, some Walmarts, and occasionally Walgreens.

Until next time,
Ms. Glamtastic

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